Lorex Technology Unveils 2K Wired Floodlight Security Camera

Personalized, Smart, and Seamless – Putting the user in control of their security

ONTARIO, CANADA (February 6, 2023) – Lorex Technology, one of the most trusted names in home and business security for over 30 years, is announcing a new addition to their industry-leading line of smart security products— the Lorex 2K Wired Floodlight Security Camera.

Create your security, your way. With the Floodlight’s adjustable LED panels, users can control and personalize the brightness, color temperature, and placement to their liking and illuminate areas that matter most. With 4 Light Activation modes; Motion, Camera, Manual, and Schedule, users can set their Floodlight setting to address their security needs.

“Your home is personal, and we want to provide a Floodlight that can be personalized to your space,” say Leroy Lo, Smart Home Product Manager at Lorex. “We understand floodlights are not always easy to install, so we worked to simplify the process with the innovative Twist and Lock mechanism.”

Installation is simplified, thanks to the lightweight and compact design, coupled with the new Twist-and-Lock mechanism. Users can install where they need security the most thanks to the flexible mounting options, such as on a wall, under a soffit, or in any compact space, optimizing the viewing angle.

See clear day and night with the impressive video quality. With 2K Resolution, view the finest details and digitally zoom in on areas to get a closer look. View nighttime video in full color with Color Night Vision (ambient lighting required) or get the full picture even in complete darkness with Infrared Night Vision.

Get alerts that matter to you and reduce unwanted notifications with Person, Vehicle, and Animal Detection. Know when someone is at your door, when a vehicle pulls into your driveway, or when a pet wanders outside.

A new feature on the 2K Wired Floodlight Security Camera is Auto-Framing, which allows users to automatically track and zoom a person, vehicle, or animal as they move across their property. This feature is available in live view and offers hands free control.

Communication made simple— Users can easily speak directly to visitors using 2-Way Talk or if they are busy, they can use the Quick Response feature to speak for them. "Please leave the package at the door," or "We'll be right there" are some of the quick responses available at the press of a button.

Keep your recordings where they belong, private, at home, and in your control with the pre-installed 32 GB MicroSD card. Experience top quality security at no extra charge. Access all camera features and have ample storage for video recordings with no additional monthly or subscription fees.

Build your security the way you want with Fusion. Expand your security by adding additional Lorex Fusion Wi-Fi cameras, Doorbells and Sensors to create your own personalized smart home ecosystem. Pair the 2K Wired Floodlight with a Fusion recorder for 24/7 continuous recording, more storage, and the ability to pair with Lorex Wired cameras.

The Lorex 2K Wired Floodlight Security Camera retails for USD 249.99; now available for sale on Lorex.com, Amazon.com, and coming soon to regional and national retailers.

About Lorex Technology

Lorex is committed to safeguarding what matters most. Founded in Canada, we have a team of professionals across North America devoted to designing, developing, and deploying ingenious smart home security and monitoring solutions that enhance our customers’ lifestyles and sense of well-being. We provide a fully tailored, best-in-class ecosystem for private and commercial requirements that has earned us the trust of our customers for over 30 years. To learn more about our commitment, visit www.lorex.com.

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